About Us

St. Michael’s Educational Agency Limited is registered with Nigeria corporate affairs commission (RC 1163206) and it is an agency with international repute:

S.M.E.A was founded in 2012 by Michael Zilly Aggrey, due to the strong burning desire to assist students find a suitable institution that fits their needs and give parents and guardians peace and confidence during the rigorous process of securing admission for their ward to study abroad.

St. Michaels Educational Agency is a new and vibrant Agency that meets the need of all prospective students, who intend to study abroad. We work in a timely manner, and we define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We go beyond providing you with just an admission; we give professional and expert advice and support our clients throughout every process, until they travel out to their intended schools.

S.M.E.A offers a diverse range of exclusive Services and solutions in the Academic field. We pride our self on providing high quality services for individuals who intend to study abroad. We support and advise our clients through all stages of the admission process, including visa interviews, tuition cost, location, program choice and school strengths. We assist Individuals who seek to gain admission into High School in the United States, as well as universities around the world.


S.M.E.A is ready to help you achieve your Educational goals in a timely manner. S.M.E.A is here to assist you through the rigorous process of applying to study in the United States of America. We have an experience team of experts that will give you all the advice and information needed to help you succeed. Our Joy is to see you achieve greatness.

S.M.E.A is an all-in-one educational consultancy company that offers diverse services encapsulated under ‘one roof’, our utmost desire is to ensure that the process of recruiting students for foreign universities and colleges abroad, especially in USA and Canada, is done professionally without hiccups or compromise.

The Head office, located in a choice area of Abuja (Nigerian Capital) is fully functional and equipped to conduct the reputable International Testing of English Proficiency (iTEP). There is 24 hours internet access, constant electricity and adequate space to accommodate candidates for any exercise.

The one-on-one approach to client management has proven to be our most valuable and outstanding strategy, all clients are treated specially in accordance to the peculiarity of their needs.